Basic Tips to Keep In Mind When Storing Your Stuff

Categories: Storage Tips
Use boxes and packing materials. Avoid plastic garbage bags. Don’t be fooled by the supposed strength of some garbage bags. Beyond the possibility of your plastic bags getting ripped they will get squished and if dropped they will not provide much protection.
  • Write “This Side Up” or draw arrows on your boxes. By marking your boxes you will prevent fragile items from being mishandled.
  • Don’t go for the cheap tape. Use a high quality packaging tape. At Nova Storage we offer both a Clear and BrownPackaging Tape.
  • Use Wardrobe Boxes for hanging such items as shirts and dresses. Wardrobe boxes also work great for drapes and other items that need special care.
  • When filling your storage unit, organize your boxes and items in sections and map out your sections so when you need to access certain items you will have an easier time doing so. And keep items that you made need to access frequently at the front of your storage unit.
  • Use protective covers to protect mattresses and furniture
  • If you are storing recreational vehicles, or anything with an engine such as a lawnmower of edger, drain the fuel tanks so the fumes and fuel odors don’t spread o your belongings
  • And if you need any additional tips or have any questions please stop in the office and one of our team members will gladly help you.